Skyscanner: The Future of Travel report

22/11/2016 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

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Murat Ozkok- Ohr – Skyscanner

In 2024 we’ll be holidaying in a completely different way.  Skyscanner’s Future of Travel report series has looked at the way in which travel will change in the next decade – from wearable intelligent technology that will help plan your trip to transformations in airport and flight experiences.

Skyscanner’s Future of Travel reports are a culmination of work by a team of 56 editors, researchers and future networkers, including Skyscanner’s own experts. Here, CEO Gareth Williams, Head of B2B Filip Filipov and Nik Gupta, Director of Hotels and Car Hire explain some of the changes we’re likely to see.

A decade from now next-generation digital technologies will have transformed how travel is planned, booked, and enjoyed.

So, technology will transform travel – our smartphones will connect with semantic search to make booking and searching easy, wearable technology will make planning and booking journeys a breeze, while hotel rooms will be hyper-personalised. Space travel and underwater exploration will also be exciting possibilities.

Furthermore, travellers of the future will also look to new and exciting destinations, with bragging rights a key travel motivator. As Chinese tourists flock to classic destinations such as Paris and New York, unique journey experiences that make travellers the envy of friends and family will be sought after. The emergence of ‘forbidden zones’ – areas such as Afghanistan and Iran, currently deemed inaccessible by conflict – will become attractive new destinations for tourists to discover. Off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Bhutan are already seeing an increase in interest (Skyscanner searches are up 40% YOY) but by 2024 it will have become a far more fashionable choice.